Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relax, Take it Easy

One of my favorite things to do (aside from shopping and blogging :] ) is taking long walks by myself. Most days after I come home from school, I grab my iPod change into a little more comfortable clothing and just walk up and down the street just thinking. It's so nice to give yourself at least 20 minutes of alone time each day to reflect and relax. It helps me focus for the rest of the night on the work I have to accomplish. And if I'm just walking for the fun of it I always seem to see things that jog the creative part of my mind that I miss while I'm driving. If I'm really ambitious I'll even get up early before school to go for a walk. I love it when I'm the only person on the sidewalk for miles. There is this cool park near my house that is filled with flowers and if you go farther there's this little path that winds upward and eventually stops to overlook this river and at daybreak you can see the whole sky. It's just really serene.

I tried Yoga once as my sport last winter as another way of helping me unwind during the day but I didn't really get much out of it which was disappointing because I always hear people say Yoga is amazing. Maybe I just cant clear my mind that much.  How do you guys relax? 

The essential

never leave home without it!

Two kinds of outfits for the fall. For summer, I usually go with a simple summer dress.

Jacket, Sweater and Jeans

Fitted Plaid Jacket -
Green v neck sweater -
Knitwear Elgar Cowl Neck -
Purple bib polo top -
grey scarf -
Bomber Jacket -
Selena Coat (plaid) -
Flats -
Sneakers - (limited supply) 
necklace -
acorn and sheep hat -
off white knit hat -
purple beret -
chunky beret -

Second Type of Outfit - Sweater dress with leggings. (I know leggings are "out" but they're still really comfortable for walking which is what this is all about) 

Light Blue Ribbed Sweater Dress-
Grey scarf -
Cashmere square neck sweater -
Baby Blue Scarf -
Surplice Dress -
Purple scarf-
Mod Tunic Sweater -
Violet Scarf -
Flats (black) -
leather ballet flats -

One With Nature


LCL said...

love the blue sweater dress
it reminds me of Pride and Prejudice galloping about the extensive country grounds in pretty warm light

Anonymous said...

long walks are very relaxing. =) i like them for thinking as well.

la petite fashionista said...

after sharing a dorm room for an entire school year I came to truly appreciate alone time.

I didn't mind the 4 hr drives back to my hometown because I could just roll down my windows, pump up the music & relax :)


Sharon Rose said...

It is lovely to have time to yourself. I love your sets too, a great selection of different clothes!!

Aliena said...

It's great to have time to be alone... Love the first selection of outfits.
On another subject, as I said on my blog, if you need any help with your Spanish, just need to ask!

xoxo Jaimie said...

I know how you feel. I couldn't make it without my iPods. Ones name is Draco, the other my iPomme de Sang lol

xoxo Jaimie said...

My toys are my children: If it costs over $250 it gets a name. I think I'll make a random post about it lol

Siljesfashion said...

I do excactely the same as you, its the best way to relax.Love all the scarves and that grey cashmere dress, perfect for walks.

please sir said...

I agree - these are great picks and can't leave home withouts!

DaisyChain said...

I love long, solitary walks. I couldn't get into yoga either.

coco said...

I still think the best way to relax is to watch really bad tv.
I love my crap tv!

Victoria-H said...

totally agree with you.. a walk by yourself could be the nicest thing ever !

lara said...

Cute dog :) walks are great I think (just if they are not too long :) ) ah and I think I won't return the dress ;)