Friday, August 1, 2008

Feathers, Ruffles and Studs Oh My!

I've found myself in a love hate relationship with the trends this fall.
I haven't warmed up to the feathers, ruffles, or studs. I can take them in small doses but I look at some of the runway designs and think " how could you possible translate that to real life fashion?" Particularly for back to school outfits. 

Are any of you incorporating lots of feathers or huge ruffles into your first day ensemble? (with the exception of maybe a headband)

On a happier note, I love love loveee the plaid and lace trends. I picked up my plaid shirt from American Eagle last spring and have been making a lot of use out of it and I also use it in menswear too.
And lace is so elegant I would love to get a lace dress for the semi formal our school has in late fall and for some reason I've really started craving a pair of antique lace gloves (for what I haven't decided yet)

This is a dress I just bought on Ebay

and the plaid shirt I was going for kinda a lumberjack thing..

Shirt - American Eagle
Shorts - Urban Behavior
Sneakers - Nike
Sunglasses - Canal St
Belt - Banana Republic

Also, to be fair since I know that there are a lot of stud, ruffle, and feather fans here are some things that caught my eye (for good reasons)

Burburry Boot

Studded belt,

Lacoste Gingham Check Ruffle Shirt

Hope by Kristian Alfonso Short Sleeve

Peacock Headband,

Have an amazing weekend! I've promised myself I'm going to finish the first dress (out of hopefully many) I'll be making for the school year and the even bigger task of cleaning my closet. Hopefully I'll have amazingly organized pictures to present by monday


Sam said...

I LOVE that dress! it is totally something I would wear.

Alison said...

cute headband! I've been wanting to make one for myself .. I'm just too lazy I guess

Krissy said...

ooo! That ebay dress is a great find :)

Caroline said...

i've been wanting that headband for quite some time.

Danz said...

Oh I love the dress you bought! This is a great selection of items...I'm definitely a fan of all three :D

Aliena said...

El vestido es genial! (tha's me trying to help you with your Spanish, jeehheh)

Sharon Rose said...

Your lace dress is gorgeous and I love your plaid top and shorts combo too!

pinup_girl said...

That dress is just lovely! & I agree on the feathers, ruffles & studs. They can look wonderful on a runway, but it pretty much ends there.

CoutureCarrie said...

Cute dress!
And as for first day back at school, I'd go easy on feathers and studs and ease them into your wardrobe as the season progresses.
But ruffles? Definitely!!

Vintage Vinyl said...

That dress is gorgeous, and the peacock headband it lovely. You should get it!

Kira Fashion said...

I really need a belt like this!!!

a kiss!!!

Mimi said...

The white dress is super cute.I like the peacock headband too.

Style Addict said...

I love the plaid shirt and the dress ...studs and feathers are good in small doses.

Lauren! said...

feathers? why yes, I want people at school to mistake me for an escaped ostrich. Not. I don't pay a ton of attention to trends; I just buy what I like and what looks good on me. Sometimes this correlates with what's popular, and sometimes it doesn't.

Siljesfashion said...

Beautiful dress! I like a studded belt, a fringe bag and studs on shoes.

DaisyChain said...

The only trends I am really buying in to this season are the ones for plaid and lace.
Possibly a few feather accessories, like the etsy headband.

I love your blog for it's questions, really gets one thinking.


Oh the dress is so adorable!


Anonymous said...

i love the studs trend. but i'm not too keen on the feathers and ruffles.

Secretista said...

Dress is too cute.

we wear things said...

oh yeah i think i only like the feathers, studs and ruffles in moderation.. but i do like!

kute plaid shirt.. i love plaid as well!


longge said...

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