Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey! I hope you had an amazing weekend. I know I did. I went to a grad party for my friend Andrew's sister. He's been in Paris all summer so it was fun to hear all of his stories and he likes to shop just as much if not more than I do so he showed off all of his fun finds. His sister spent the summer in Morocco too and came back with some amazing pictures. She's a really talented photographer.

I can't wait to travel. My dad's promised me if I get on honor roll all of my senior year my gift at graduation will be travelling abroad over the summer. Places high on my list:

England, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, etc etc
If you've travelled at all, did any of these stand out to you?


Anna Sui Paisley wrap dress -
Bangles -
Gold Embroidered Bag -
Ballerina flats -
Flower Dress -
Ring -
Heels -
Gold Medallion necklace -
Printed Satin Dress -
Dress Sandals -
Gold Bag -


One Shouldered Dress-
White dress with bow sleeves-
Blue Dress -

Au Revoir


Richel said...

love all the pieces that you have here.

Nay'Chelle said...

I really like the morocco polyvore. And that purple dress in the paris part os lovely.

Anonymous said...

You should add Germany to your list :)

yulanda said...

I've been several countries on your list. I must say, I was most captivated by China. China is like a world within itself; each part is so different from the other. Germany was great too and France is always beautiful. I'd love to go to England, New Zealand and Norway one day!

lisa said...

I love the pieces in your sets. As for the countries, I went to China when I was 10, but it's changed so much in 13 years that I can't say I'll return to the same place when I go again. I'll be blogging about my experiences in London and Paris this fall, so stay tuned. =)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there- great sets typical of these places!Hope you get to see these places too!!

Anonymous said...

i love your pairs selections! :)

Aliena said...

that purple dress is so chic!!!

corsage said...

Norway and New Zealand if you like gorgeous scenery. The fjords are amazing. Norway's probably on a bigger scale than NZ but it is harder to navigate coz it is left-hand drive and the signs are in Norwegian.

I like Shanghai for the mix of old and new.

Paris for the Parisan air and the art and cafes.

Bangkok for food, good price shopping and massages.

But if it is a reward then I say go for the further away places! =)

Katia said...

umm for travel advice I have to say I've been around.
London, never been but I want to! But my cousin went this summer and said it's incredibly exepnsive, so is Italy, crazy crazy expensive, well the places I went were.
I love Germany, it's really great!
Or if you're looking to go someone warmer and great weather I suggest Bahamas, I've been going every year sinse I was like not even 1 year old. It's beautiful there!

btw I love the things you put together for morocco, soo cute!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you so much for the vote!! ♥ You're wonderful!

I love your Polyvores by the way, excellent taste. <3

CoutureCarrie said...

Hi sweetie! Love all those kaftans!
Did your tag today - thanks again; it was really fun!!


DaisyChain said...

I live in England, so I can vouch for that one!
Turkey and Greece are beautiful too, as is Austria in the summer time

Siljesfashion said...

If you come to Norway, I will take you sightseeing and shopping! haha. Love the dresses!

Elizabeth said...

England, Spain, France and Italy are must-see places at some point I think, but I have been most captivated by Turkey and Thailand. Such vibrant culture, excellent food, beautiful textiles, and a little less of the tourist insanity (depending on where you go, of course).

Style Addict said...

you should go to paris !!!! love all of the pieces!

amy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!
and all those places sound so exciting! I am partial to Italy (having grown up there) and i loved Thailand and Greece. I've never been to Japan or China, and i would LOVE to go to either of them!

LCL said...

take me with you
pretty please
I will use my Russian skills for something
and we should def go to that fairy tale castle in Germany
I forget what it's called

LML said...

ive been to france, italy, and germany.
Paris is def the best and prettiest city in all of europe. i have lots of pics of my trips on my blog - just click on the travel section and i have posted tons of pics of all the places i have been

jess said...

Great sets! I like the paris one best.

Savvy Mode SG said...

love your picks for paris. traveling is exhileration and exhausting for me. but, wouldn't give it up for the world.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I love to travel, but it's such a luxury that I can't afford often. I spent a summer studying in Germany and half a year in Japan though. Both are amazing, Germany is convenient for brief trips to other parts of Europe, but Japan...Japan was magical.

Times of Glory said...

The Morocco polyvore looks brilliant! Dear, you will definitely love travelling! The countries you've picked are full of culture and I'm sure you will learn more than you did in the classrooms xxxxxxx


Hi dear,

Oh traveling is my passion! I love your choices. These countries are just marvelous! My personal favorite is still Paris.


coco said...

I love the Paris looks.
Really like the white dress.

Jacqueline said...

I am a little bit behind in my fashion info. The Morrocan pieces you've shown, is this for AW08? Really love the long sleeved dress, bag on the left is lovely too!

Little Bow Prep said...

Love the Paris set!

seasonal lust said...

u lucky lucky girl. when do you go on your travels please document the whole thing in pictures.

Anonymous said...