Thursday, August 7, 2008

The End is Near...

First off, thank you for all of your comments on my last post! I appreciate all of you taking time to write such thoughtful opinions!! :] And in response to those of you who talked about the included prices of gas, maintenence and insurance - I couldn't agree more with you! I know there are a lot of those "hidden" costs when it comes to purchasing a car which is why I'll need a lot of help in buying one. I'm hoping that these people who would be helping me will see the work I put into things like getting jobs to earn money, school and my extra curricular activities and will see this as a worthwhile investment and make a deal with me.

On a different topic - August 5th marked the 30 day mark until school starts. Ahhh! It's going to be one busy year and my feelings are definitely mixed. On the one hand, I'm now an upperclassman which will be nice. But then there is the fact that Upper (junior) year at my school is notorious for making people go insane with the workload, college planning, and SAT prep and I'm already starting to feel the stress a month away. So mentally, my summer has ended and I'm back in workmode.

But, I did allot some time to have a little fun and created these polyvores which sum up how I'd like to dress this fall.

My 5 essentials for Fall.

1. Dresses

Long Sleeved Dress with Cut Out -
Long Sleeved Gray Dress -
Mod Tank Dress-
Vintage Green Dress -
Pleat Front Tea Dress -
Navy Wrap Dress -
Milly Floral Shift Dress -
Floral eyelet dress -
Miu Miu Bubble Dress -
Phillip Lim Dolman sleeve dress -

2. High Waisted Skirts

Green Blouse -
Tulip/High Waisted Tan skirt -
Black Tote -
Ballet Flats -
Necktie cashmere top -
Navy high-waisted skirt -
Ralph Lauren tote - amazoed Silk Blouse -
Hted gray skirt -
White Tights -
Leaf necklace -
Black Clutch -
Black Stilletos -

3. Cute Coats

White Drop Waist Coat
Brown bomber jacket -
Skirted Trench coat-
Selena Coat -
Leather Jacket -
Funnel neck cape -
Leather Jacket -

4. Tights

Ankle bow tights -
Lacy Twig Black Tights -
Purple tights -
Stockings -
Mystic Lace Tights -
Black Stripe Tights -
Gipsy lace tights -

5. Scarves (with a couple shoes thrown in)

Japenese Silk Floral Scarf -
Map Scarves -
Pink Cashmere scarf -
Large Printed Scarf -
Patterned Contrast Scarf -
Blue Paisley Scarf -
Burburry scarf -
Riding Boot -
Belted Boot -
Saddle Shoes -


carrie / wishwishwish said...

oh those dresses are lovely!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Your sets are great, a lovely pick of dresses, scarves and jackets for Autumn!!

Anonymous said...

I love your sets, too! Great stuff!

DaisyChain said...

Ah we share Autumn essentials!

It's only about 30 days till I start college,
such an exciting/scary time.

yiqin; said...

Love all your picks! The scarfs are lovely! If only I know how to wear a scarf properly!

& yes, buying a car in Singapore is SO expensive!!!! The car itself costs so much & because space is sucha constraint here, you have to PAY a dollar to get into some places & to get out! :/

Siljesfashion said...

I bet you will have a great time! Try to cherish it some, because time flies so fast and suddenly your working. I really had a great time at my University(in California). Love the tights and scarves!

pinup_girl said...

Oh I love those Polyvore sets! Your style is very similair to mine. Plus, I will also be entering my junior year of high school. Looks like we've got a lot in common.

lisa said...

The pieces you picked are fantastic. I've always had such a weakness for coats and I was drooling over all of the ones in your set.

CoutureCarrie said...

Loving the high-waisted skirt thang - great collages here!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is awsome, thats why we decided to add it to our linklist, i hope you dont mind.


i think thats hauttte said...

what i want most for fall is a high waisted skirt :]]

nice picks!

longge said...

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Anonymous said...

Great fall ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Bookmarking your site now.

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