Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Madness

More rain. More thundershowers. Will it ever end?!?! Since I haven't been able to wear any fun summer outfits and take fun photos outside I brought the party inside. Me and my friends Margaret and Lucy are having a Sweet Sixteen point Three (I'm turning 17 they're turning 16) at the end of the summer at this antique-y movie theater in downtown Exeter and we've decided that for our invitations we would dress up as characters from different movies and photoshop different pictures onto film strips for each persons invites. I've finally found a use for my job at the photo lab!

here are some our recreations!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Gossip Girl

Trench: Macys
Boots: (Jessica Simpson) Macy's
Headband: AC Moore
Dress: Banana Republic

James Bond

The Office


Stay tuned for Batman and Grease!

Also, Project Runway!

I'm so sad Wesley got kicked off. I really liked his dress from the last challenge. Oh well, as for favorites Kenley's and Terri's stood out to me the most and I loved how creative Suede was by creating his own fabric (although talking in the third person has big potential to be annoying by the end of the season)

(1)Kenley (2)Terri

Who was your favorite?


Sam said...

that's a really cool idea for invitations!
and my favorite was suede's dress, I might order it off of bluefly.

Supercalifashionista said...

What fabulous invites! I love love love those pictures, too cute!

Anonymous said...

aww thats such a cute idea

Kingshuk said...

Cute Concepts..nice blogs

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