Friday, July 18, 2008

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

With college prep and doing a shitload of coursework over the summer I guess I've been thinking about the childhood...

the dresses my mom used to sew for me
going next door to play baseball with my brother
and without a question my favorite place in the world- DISNEY!

My grandmother was a huge disney fan and took me, my mom and my brother every year. I can't even describe how much I love being there - the rides, the parades, the whole atmosphere EVERYTHING!

These are outfits inspired by some of the Disney characters

Starting with Ariel. Seems appropriate we share a name :]

The long dress -
Aqua waters pendant -
Ruched Dress-
Anna Beck Gold Medallion -
Seahorse shoes-
Metallic Leather Pumps -
Clutch with buckle (Michael Kors) -
Gold Clutch -

Mary Poppins

red jacket - vogue website
white blouse -
Black headband -
Jimmy Choo tote -
Boots -

Snow White

Yellow tea dress -
purple headband -
cameo necklace - (I saw some at Forever 21)
Sandals -
Heart Sweater -
Yellow Skirt -
Fendi bag -
Ankle boots -
black necklace -
white headband -


Blue Crochet Dress -
Bandeau top-
Jeweled gladiators-
Miu Miu gladiators -
Chloe Bag -
Black and Gold Dress-
Bangles -
Shakira shoes -

Alice in Wonderland

bow sweater -
Paul and Joe Codevi dress -
bow headband -
saddle shoes -
polka dot wrap dress -
cameo/locket -
manolo blahnik shoes -

Also, high on my birthday list- Everything from Disney Couture
but I really like these wrap bracelets
price: 170


yiqin; said...

!!! I wish I have the body to pull off a bandage dress!! & the bracelet at gthe end of the post is amazing.

The Clothes Horse said...

Sweet outfits! I only went to Disney once, I can't believe you got to go every year! Lucky!

Nay'Chelle said...

Wonderful Arielle outfits!

D-andelion said...

I'm a disney fan too! All the disney-figures are so cute! Nice polyvores:)

elle said...

really love the mary poppins sinspired outfits! totally capture her london-ness!

Vintage Vinyl said...

Disney Couture? I didn't know what existed. I like your idea for this post, quite original. I like the Jasmine one. I've never even been to Disney land!


Dear stylish Arielle

before i go to bed, i wanted to warn my friends : be aware ! my last photos could give you the desire to fall in love with Paris and move in ! lol.

cheers from Paris


xoxo Jaimie said...

love your blog. love audrey and I do wish I lived there lol. I'll save your blog and maybe you can subscribe to mine in return. toodles!

Aliena said...

Loved the post! I think I can see myself in that green chiffon dress or as Mary Poppins, too!

MC said...

you should do belle!!

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