Friday, July 18, 2008

The Perfect Touch

my favorite way to throw together an outfit quickly - a headband. Between LC's classic headbands and Gossip Girl's chic looks my headband collection has grown alot. Like last week my mom brought back 3 headbands that she got for $1 each from AC Moore. Since when has AC Moore sold headbands???
Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my headbands with you

I got this one for 7 at an asian fest at my school

I love the pattern on this one.

Just a thin bow one. I think it's from claires

This one's from Portland Oregon. It's velvet with gold horses in the middle

Just some of the collection

Moving On..

What did you guys think about Project Runway?

Overall I wasn't that impressed. I couldn't believe how many people used table cloths. Also, I am not a fan of Stella. As awful as Jerry's outfit was at least he put more effort in it.
Favorites- I loved Kelli's (the winner of the first challenge)and Kenleys


Alice Point said...

I like all these headbands. They are so cute;)

Ps. I bought my vintage skirt in the small second hand in Poland;)

The Clothes Horse said...

Wow! You have a lot of headbands. They're all very fun.

LCL said...

air, i love daniel who made the plastic cup dress and the guy named wesley i think, because i have the same bag as him. HA. and he's a guy. but he's totally adorable.

LCL said...

wesley made some yellow dress that was adorable and looked as if it was not made out of...supermarket junk? i think.

p.s. air, i'm stoked to see you tomorrow at batman. reunited. how romantic.

D-andelion said...

Headbands are so cute, they make your outfit complete. I especially like the first one and the spotted one!

Desperately Seeking Awesome said...

i too am disappointed. Someone trying to be the tanned version of Christian and FAILING. some potential. loved the plastic cups and the skirt of the winner. the dollies or coffee filters /w.e for the bodice irked me too much to call it a favorite

Diabolina said...

i can't get enough of headbands lately.

cute cute site ;)