Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fall Trend: Plaid

i don't know about u but i've already started thinking about what i'll need for school shopping this fall and plaid is definitely on my list

designers like marc jacobs, ralph lauren, Y-3, thakoon, and D&G all incorporated plaid into their fall collections

i've made a couple outfits all with plaid thrown into them

most importantly with plaid stick with one piece that will complement the rest of ur outfit. pleasee no plaid suits.

Outfit 1

For this first outfit I picked a plaid trench coat.
The outfit on the left is for the day and I put in a red bag to even out the black and the white.
For the evening part on the right I chose to put the trench with a simple black dress and pumps.
If you like the plaid coat look at keyword: plaid coat
they're all on sale!! (i'm personally a fan of the selena coat)

Outfit 2

For this outfit I used the bottoms to show off the plaid trend
when using plaid in the bottom half of your outfit, i think it's classier to go with the less showy plaids (like no reds or bold lines) so I chose a gray plaid with a plain black longsleeved shirt, a gold vintage type necklace and a couple different shoe options

Old Navy usually has sales on plain tshirts like that
for the shorts, I would try wet seal or charlotte russe stores (if you like this look the ones online don't really match what I was going for) or the Macy's junior department.

Outfit 3

If you're looking for a quick way to incorporate plaid into your outfit put on a white cami and your favorite pair of jeans and flats and pair it with a plaid blazer.

The blazer in this is from Charlotte Russe and they have some more color options also.

Outfit 4

Last, we have the plaid dress. I decided to put it over a black turtleneck and black tights so you can wear it during the fall.

If you like the dress try... has a cute purple one
Target had a couple in the juniors section by Mossimo
Urban Outfitters has a grey plaid shirtdress
Roxy also makes a cute summer plaid dress (sold in nordstroms) has one but only available in XL

Other ways to put plaid in your outfit

The classic burberry scarf

Pair a plaid shirt with jean shorts and aviators

Plaid celebrities">Plaid celebrities


LCL said...

rah rah sis boom bah
loove your blog so far Air
much more coherent than my random ramblings
I really hope I get some sort of spot on Haute and weasel my way onto Trendwatch

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