Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relax, Take it Easy

One of my favorite things to do (aside from shopping and blogging :] ) is taking long walks by myself. Most days after I come home from school, I grab my iPod change into a little more comfortable clothing and just walk up and down the street just thinking. It's so nice to give yourself at least 20 minutes of alone time each day to reflect and relax. It helps me focus for the rest of the night on the work I have to accomplish. And if I'm just walking for the fun of it I always seem to see things that jog the creative part of my mind that I miss while I'm driving. If I'm really ambitious I'll even get up early before school to go for a walk. I love it when I'm the only person on the sidewalk for miles. There is this cool park near my house that is filled with flowers and if you go farther there's this little path that winds upward and eventually stops to overlook this river and at daybreak you can see the whole sky. It's just really serene.

I tried Yoga once as my sport last winter as another way of helping me unwind during the day but I didn't really get much out of it which was disappointing because I always hear people say Yoga is amazing. Maybe I just cant clear my mind that much.  How do you guys relax? 

The essential

never leave home without it!

Two kinds of outfits for the fall. For summer, I usually go with a simple summer dress.

Jacket, Sweater and Jeans

Fitted Plaid Jacket -
Green v neck sweater -
Knitwear Elgar Cowl Neck -
Purple bib polo top -
grey scarf -
Bomber Jacket -
Selena Coat (plaid) -
Flats -
Sneakers - (limited supply) 
necklace -
acorn and sheep hat -
off white knit hat -
purple beret -
chunky beret -

Second Type of Outfit - Sweater dress with leggings. (I know leggings are "out" but they're still really comfortable for walking which is what this is all about) 

Light Blue Ribbed Sweater Dress-
Grey scarf -
Cashmere square neck sweater -
Baby Blue Scarf -
Surplice Dress -
Purple scarf-
Mod Tunic Sweater -
Violet Scarf -
Flats (black) -
leather ballet flats -

One With Nature

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

I've turned out to be Daddy's little girl at heart My dad has always been my biggest supporter. He pushes me to be "A Cut Above" as we call it and I love that. It taught me the value of hard work at a young age. My dad has earned my respect and trust and I hope I have earned his in return.

In honor of my dad here are some of my favorite trends from the 1950s (his birth decade)

When I think of 1950s the first thing I see is Grease. However, poodle skirts really aren't my thing so I'm going to stick to the dress trends of the 1950s (full skirts, sheath and sack dresses)

Vintage Piece

1950s Fan Print Day Dress

Vintage Inspired

Summer Dress

All dresses from:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Diary

First and foremost, thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments with my style predicament. I was happily surprised to receive so much helpful advice and will definitely take all of it into consideration on my future shopping trips.

Last night after work I didn't really feel like being in my house so I went up to the attic in my uncles house. I first discovered the attic when I was about 11 and I'm so happy my uncle never bothers to clean anything out. It has rows of old records, my aunt's old dance outfits, childhood scrapbooks and my favorite find my grandmother's old diaries especially this navy blue one. I never met my grandmother but I'm told she was an amazing woman. Reading her diaries took me back to the 1950s and into the life of my grandmother. This little adventure inspired me to go to staples this morning and buy this brown suede notebook. I haven't written in a diary since the "secret voice password diaries" came out and I just had to have it so nobody would ever be able to discover my deepest secrets as a third grader because you needed the voice password to get it. I'm going to fill it with a novel style autobiography of the last 3 years. We'll see if I finish it but I think it would be so cool for my grandkids (that was weird writing that) to get a feel of what my life has been like.
As you might have guessed by now, I'm really into to almost anything vintage or old fashioned so I love to hear about cool finds in houses, theaters etc. Do you have any?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slightly Confused

I look at the people who are admired for their style and clothes at my school and I noticed that all of them have such a distinct style. Some of them fit the normal stereotypes and others just seem to have such a cohesive wardrobe that really suits their personality. And then I look at my wardrobe... I'm all over the place. One day I'd want to wear a mod dress and the next I'd be in the mood for converses, skinny jeans, a studded belt and leather jacket. I always tell myself "This school year I'll have a theme to my wardrobe" or "I'll have a mixed wardrobe but it will all fit in with my own style" and it never seems to happen. I either get to tired to put a lot of effort into my outfits or can't figure out what I want to look like.
How did you find your own style?

Also, I've had a dress obsession lately. here are my three favorites

left: forever21

flower black and white : vintage

black and white writing: h and m

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A little bit more about me. I have one younger brother named Jordan. He's almost 2 years younger than me and we've been best friends since we were little. He's been really into baseball practically since he can walk and even pitched for the New England team in the Little League World Series 2 summers ago. I'm ridiculously proud of him and I'm his biggest supporter at his games.
He's in Florida right now playing in a tournament so I decided to do a post on outfits I've worn/have yet to wear to his baseball games.

Spring/Summer Games

Black/White Mod Dress -
Cotton Belted Red Dress -
Cream Dobby Sundress -
Red Sweater -
white tank -
high wasted hotpants -
Scarf -
Fendi Bag -
Ray Bans (black)
Vintage sunglasses -
Gladiator wedges -
Platform buckle wedge -
Thongs -
flats -
Headband -

His Team's Color is Red

Cuffed Shorts -
Ruffle Shirt -
Bonnie Flat -
Headband -
Red Shirt -
Necklace -
Nike Sneakers -

Fall Ball

black sweater -
skinny jeans -
red scarf -
flat suede bots -
tall boots -
black/gray boots -
black pea coat -
white pea coat -
black tank -
gray sweater -
dark skinny jeans -
white headband -
black silver headband -
red beanie hat -
black hat -

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Madness

More rain. More thundershowers. Will it ever end?!?! Since I haven't been able to wear any fun summer outfits and take fun photos outside I brought the party inside. Me and my friends Margaret and Lucy are having a Sweet Sixteen point Three (I'm turning 17 they're turning 16) at the end of the summer at this antique-y movie theater in downtown Exeter and we've decided that for our invitations we would dress up as characters from different movies and photoshop different pictures onto film strips for each persons invites. I've finally found a use for my job at the photo lab!

here are some our recreations!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Gossip Girl

Trench: Macys
Boots: (Jessica Simpson) Macy's
Headband: AC Moore
Dress: Banana Republic

James Bond

The Office


Stay tuned for Batman and Grease!

Also, Project Runway!

I'm so sad Wesley got kicked off. I really liked his dress from the last challenge. Oh well, as for favorites Kenley's and Terri's stood out to me the most and I loved how creative Suede was by creating his own fabric (although talking in the third person has big potential to be annoying by the end of the season)

(1)Kenley (2)Terri

Who was your favorite?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Do It

I'm lucky enough to have 2 of my closest relatives working at Nike. I've gone to visit them for part of my past two spring breaks in Portland OR and not only do I come back with awesome vintage finds from Saturday markets and endless thrift/vintage shops but brand new pairs of shoes and boots, bags, jackets etc. Summed up- they're VERY good to me.
I've been looking through their fall catalogues and put together a couple wishlists for this fall (along with fun pictures I took after another rainstorm we had)

Nike Wishlist

Nike Glencoe Boot - (I have these they're so comfortable and the top can flip up too)
Vandal High retro basketball shoes -
Valentines Day shoe-
Blue and Black - (these are actually men's but maybe a small sz. I liked the colors )
Purple high -
Purple/teal dunk low -

Bag - Haute Shoe Print Club -

^^My Aunt gave this to me one year after I commented on how much I liked hers on my trip out and it is still my favorite gym bag! It's the perfect size and I love the pattern (mine's red but same bag)

Hurley/Converse/Cole Haan Wishlist

Hurley Sweater -
Hightops -
Vegas High tops -
Sudoku Hightops -
slip on flats pink -
Hurley Tonka Dress - swell.comRched Satchel -
Cole Haan newsboy hat -
Black belt -
Coat -

Other things

Nike+ Ipod (it's amazing for workouts)
one piece goes in your shoe and you plug the other part into your ipod

There's this new thing called the Nike+sportband. It goes on your wrist and tracks your workout and when your done a piece comes off and plugs into your computer like a usb.



Jacket - Nike
Jeans - Sevens
Boots- Chooka
Headband - AC Moore


So this summer I've given myself the goal of creating some basics for my wardrobe. It has been a much harder goal than I thought. Between work, vacations, and just not being home i haven't had a lot of time to work on it. However, hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be able to make a post with pictures of stuff I've created ( i have one dress done that just has to be hemmed) but here are some of the outfits that I want to be able to recreate in my own way.

Carlos Miele
Look: "Girls with a major attitude and a bitchin' budget

Doucette Duvall
Look: Paris in the '60s meets "xoxo, Gossip Girl"

Richard Chai
Look: "bursts of color, shearling surprises, turtlenecks, cropped leather

Look: Princess Pinks, collar bows, sheer sleeves

Arthur Mendonca
Look: Purples and grays, crisp and chic wearability, kicky velvets

So, i'm going for Girls with a major attitude and a bitchin' budget meets Paris in the '60s meets "xoxo, Gossip Girl meets bursts of color, shearling surprises, turtlenecks, cropped leather meets Princess Pinks, collar bows, sheer sleeves meets Purples and grays, crisp and chic wearability, kicky velvets meets Romantic boy-inspired girl-wear, 40s pre-war, tartans, delicate bow ties.

Oh man I have a lot of work to do